Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The truth and nothing but the truth...

Today was a big day for PHL. This was the day when the railroad was supposed to hammer the final nail on my coffin.

On Nov. 8th @ about 5:00am my conductor, a.k.a. assistant engineer should have seen a rail car on the same track we were traveling on but did not and we collided with it. Perhaps he was not all there since his drug test was positive.

On Nov 11th @ about 2:00am, with my locomotive only, I pulled up to converging tracks and was struck by another locomotive that was pulling about 30 rail cars.

Immediately I was taken out of service and have not worked for the railroad since. Today the company cited me to come to a "formal" hearing on each charge. There was the court reporter: Debbie, the crew in question: Me. The company officer presenting evidence against the crew: Bill. The Jury: Russell T. The prosecutor: Russell T. The executioner: Russell T. The "Author" of General Code of Operating Rules: Russell T. Did I forget to mention that Russell will determine where fault lies and what the punishment will be and that he also gets a paycheck from the company. Yeah. A bit lobsided huh?

I feel the company has made its mind who the guilty party is and what type of discipline will be administered if not termination of employment. For reference, one person in six years has been exonerated by PHL. So I guess when the transcripts come in, they will be set aside and without opening and envelope a termination letter will be mailed to my address.

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Glen said...

DANNY!! You don't say so in your post--but you're are OK?

You must be bummed. I'll call you next week. I will be in South Park on Monday.