Thursday, November 25, 2004


Give thanks to some one you love or appreciate, tell them one way your life is different because they are in your life, it may make their day.

I know I am thankful to the Lord for taking care of me and guiding me where it is most suitable to him. I'm thankful for all the good friends and family I have. Most of all I thank God for allowing me to meet Angie. She is not only me wife and friend. Angie is able to see beyond my faults and love me the way I am, although she influences me in a very positive manner. I am also thankful because we have very handsome son. He's got my toes but we're not all perfect.

Happy thanks giving to all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Isaiah Daniel Reyes and Kofi Posted by Hello

The truth and nothing but the truth...

Today was a big day for PHL. This was the day when the railroad was supposed to hammer the final nail on my coffin.

On Nov. 8th @ about 5:00am my conductor, a.k.a. assistant engineer should have seen a rail car on the same track we were traveling on but did not and we collided with it. Perhaps he was not all there since his drug test was positive.

On Nov 11th @ about 2:00am, with my locomotive only, I pulled up to converging tracks and was struck by another locomotive that was pulling about 30 rail cars.

Immediately I was taken out of service and have not worked for the railroad since. Today the company cited me to come to a "formal" hearing on each charge. There was the court reporter: Debbie, the crew in question: Me. The company officer presenting evidence against the crew: Bill. The Jury: Russell T. The prosecutor: Russell T. The executioner: Russell T. The "Author" of General Code of Operating Rules: Russell T. Did I forget to mention that Russell will determine where fault lies and what the punishment will be and that he also gets a paycheck from the company. Yeah. A bit lobsided huh?

I feel the company has made its mind who the guilty party is and what type of discipline will be administered if not termination of employment. For reference, one person in six years has been exonerated by PHL. So I guess when the transcripts come in, they will be set aside and without opening and envelope a termination letter will be mailed to my address.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

On the brink of bordem...

It’s amazing we survived a whole 30 minutes stuck in the elevator. As we were leaving for grocery shopping Angie got out of the elevator to charge our laundry card at the lobby and Isaiah and I continued down to “P3” to encounter and new dimension in thrills. Of course the elevator company said there was someone on the way, he was supposed to take 40 minutes to arrive. Guess what I have one life to live and I can’t wait on this kind of drama. I decided to help the process and called 911, there was no way I’d give the elevator repair guy a chance to make me wait so he can have lunch and come rescue us. Besides it was getting boring in there. Luckily I had my cell phone and Angie’s Ipod so Lil' Ice and I started to play games so he can stay entertained. When the firefighters arrived there was an awkward silence, I didn’t know what say or do, I even started to reach into my pockets for a tip. I guess thanks should've been enough.

Moving on. Iraq bound Jesse went to our church today in his Army fatigues and made his decision to accept Jesus Christ as his savior. The congregation also prayed for him and the rest of our youth in Iraq. We are so glad for Jesse, now we hope he stays safe and come back home well. Wecouldn't be there to see the events. One of my aunts has conjuctivitis and came to pick up an RX from Angie. So after chatting away we realized it was better to hang out and enjoy Isaiah.

Sunday mounin'...

9:00am...and already watching Shrek 2. I love being a daddy to Isaiah. Right now he's sitting next to me with his wooden blocks around him. We stack blocks as high as we can and sw stack until they fall, or when he feels ready the urge to kick them to see how they colapse.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Here again...

It's a little late, I'm trying to set up my e-mail and of course I tend to have internet A.D.D. Isaiah won't go to sleep because he woke up from his late nap at 8:00pm, so here we all are. It was nice to see Jesse and hear him tell stories about his tour of duty, we hope he stays safe.

After leaving Lynwood we tried going to grand-ma Genny's house so she could see Isaiah but she was not there. So we went to Santa Monica and walked on Third street. Isaiah was looking at the street performers do what they do over people's head as I lifted him over my shoulders. He was also looking for toys on the street vendor carts so he could play with them. At Z-Gallerie he managed to open up a deck of playing card and wanted them but he already has his own deck at home.

well here we are back in downtown with slippery wet roads.

Just another post.

Today Isaiah and I woke up at 6:45am. We had to go to Woodland Hills to select some furniture for the office. My co-worker's friend took us to his company’s storage to pick out a few desks, chairs and other office furniture. Isaiah of course was inspecting everything by running circles around the furniture and us.

Angie did some time at Los Angeles Mission near Skid Row. Every other Saturday she clocks in four hours to help out at the non-profit. Of course there is monetary compensation, but not many people want to be around the homeless and drug addicts. We all know Angie can't solve all our problems but we need more people who are willing to just do something for others, including myself.

As I write Isaiah is playing in the bathtub, I think he's trying to swim in 5" deep water. Later today we'll be headed to Lynwood to say farewell to Angie's cousin. Jesse is leaving for Iraq, we think, he's been there once with the U.S. Army and we think that’s where he's going to end up. There is much to say about war and peace, but the family is showing support for Jesse, may the Lord guard him.

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