Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Angie's night job is to fight for justice as "Batmanwoman" Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Hello friends and family,

I have finally posted picrtures of Isaiah's b-day party on 9/11. I am not as big a blogger as thought.
We hope you all had a good time with us and Lord willing we can see next year. Your gift were all really nice Isaiah and I are having so much fun with them.

Take care DRM

Thank you for coming out to the party guys, Isaiah says thank you. Posted by Hello

Josh P. and Isaiah stick around for the after party. Posted by Hello

I think I'm more excited about this padded swimsuit than Isaiah, thanks Marlon & Sharon. Posted by Hello

Thank you all for the nice gifts, thanks Miguel V. Posted by Hello

There's always room for cake, yummy huh Ashley? Posted by Hello

Jasmine in action. Posted by Hello

Here's a brief look at Brian's back side and the rest of the kids grabbin' melted chocolate. Posted by Hello

Abel tries the one handed "pinyata" slam. Posted by Hello

Time for lunch... Posted by Hello

Isaiah climbs a giant chain link. Posted by Hello