Saturday, July 24, 2004

Isaiah and cousin Amalie @ the Grove Posted by Hello

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Back home safe...

We're back home safely and happy to see Isaiah Daniel Reyes.
Angie and I had a great time in Can Cun its beautiful, and a place to see if you like nature, water and water sports. The people are all pretty kind and hospitable. We will be back some time, definately.
Angie and I would like to thank you for checking up on this post and those who commented. I'm sure we'll see you all pretty soon.
Take care and God Bless.
Danny and Angie.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ouch. Don't feed the Jaguars. Posted by Hello

Angie the champ..."Adrienne" Posted by Hello

Us with and dog climbing the pyramid. Posted by Hello

Hi Angie...whatch out here comes the rain. Posted by Hello

Mayan pyramid. Posted by Hello

Angie and I at a well. Posted by Hello

Modern day Mayan home. Posted by Hello

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More rest and relaxation. Posted by Hello

Rest and relaxation. Posted by Hello

It doesn't look fast now but this is a speed boat. Posted by Hello

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Chichen-Itza Tour...

Today was our full last day to enjoy our vacation in eventful and beautiful Can Cun. We made it to the ruins of Chichen-Itza and it was real cool man.
We got to see a not so ancient civilization in ruis its pretty impessive. The Mayans had the largest stadiums where tribe leaders would watch competitions being played. Sacrifices in competition did not go to the winner in honor or the loser in shame, but judged by the tribes leaders.
The mayans also belived the sun was a god symbolized by an eagle, and the moon was the god of night symbolized by the powerful Jauguar.
The central pyramid was used for reading times of the year, and to let time know when spring and fall had arrived. The Mayan calendar was so accurate that it only needed to be adjusted evety few thousand years, as opposed to our calendar that needs to be adjusted every 4 years.
In addition to studying the sun and how it affected time, the Mayans could predict positions of planets visible to them. In 1990 or 91 there was a solar eclipse that was predicted by the Mayans  and astronomers could see that the Mayans indeed were quite a civilized people.
This was quite an educational tour and beathtaking, espcially when climbing up the mail pyramid. The popular thought is that the steps were narrow because the Mayans were small people. It is believed that the Mayans forcing themselves to climb in humbled manner and not upright, because that would be looking the sun god in the face, and would be a sign of disrespect. The same holds true for the downhill climb.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Tres Rios...

It all began @ 7:30am. We walked a few blocks to our transport bus and we had our breakfast, mexican snack on the way. We arrived @ Tres Rios @ 9:00am.

Event ONE: Ride bike to the beach; the challege, find one that works

Event TWO: Kayak in the Jungle; the challenge, dont' crash, don't touch the ground, don't float to the ocean. [we accomplished 2/3]

Event THREE: Horse back riding; the challenge, keep your horses far enough from the others so they don't bite or kick eachother.

Event FOUR: Snorkel down river to the ocean: the challenge, control you speed down river by paddling and to keep your body horizontal so you don't touch anything.

Event FIVE: Snorkel in the ocean reef; the challange, not to faint because no one in our group had breakfast and its close to 3:30pm.

THE MAIN EVENT: LUNCH; the challenge, pace yourself so you can each plenty at the buffet.

Event SIX: High speed boats; the challenge, watching the 16 year old behind us.

Event SEVEN: Canoes, the challenge, getting us to do it, no way by this time most of our group is exhausted, so we let the teenagers know themselves out.

Event SEVEN: Bike back to our bus and go shower.

All in all it was great fun and adventure. We had a good time and got a great sun scorch.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

This is not us but we looked this good snorkeling.Picture are on film and will be coming after we arrive in L.A. Posted by Hello

Snorkling 101

Angie and I went to the Jungle tour. It was fun, we went the reef, I dont know which one. I do know that you can't dive head first and inhale because soon you'll have water in your tongue. We took a jet skis for about 45 mins. to get to the destination and boy was that a wet and bumpy ride. I have only one picture. C-Ya latas.

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The Hyatt on the right, can you see Angie on our balcony? Posted by Hello

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View from our hotel beach front. Posted by Hello

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