Sunday, November 21, 2004

On the brink of bordem...

It’s amazing we survived a whole 30 minutes stuck in the elevator. As we were leaving for grocery shopping Angie got out of the elevator to charge our laundry card at the lobby and Isaiah and I continued down to “P3” to encounter and new dimension in thrills. Of course the elevator company said there was someone on the way, he was supposed to take 40 minutes to arrive. Guess what I have one life to live and I can’t wait on this kind of drama. I decided to help the process and called 911, there was no way I’d give the elevator repair guy a chance to make me wait so he can have lunch and come rescue us. Besides it was getting boring in there. Luckily I had my cell phone and Angie’s Ipod so Lil' Ice and I started to play games so he can stay entertained. When the firefighters arrived there was an awkward silence, I didn’t know what say or do, I even started to reach into my pockets for a tip. I guess thanks should've been enough.

Moving on. Iraq bound Jesse went to our church today in his Army fatigues and made his decision to accept Jesus Christ as his savior. The congregation also prayed for him and the rest of our youth in Iraq. We are so glad for Jesse, now we hope he stays safe and come back home well. Wecouldn't be there to see the events. One of my aunts has conjuctivitis and came to pick up an RX from Angie. So after chatting away we realized it was better to hang out and enjoy Isaiah.

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Glen said...

Good post Danny. I was in an elevator that stopped once--I don't know if it was for 2 minutes or 10 or 15 or thirty. I was between the 8th or 9th floor in a hotel in chicago. I used my cell phone to call the front desk. They couldn't figure out where I was or what they should do about it. We had a really bad connection. Anyway, for the next few days in that hotel, if that elevator came when I needed to go up or down, I just waited for the next one.

I will pray for Jesse when I think of him.