Saturday, September 17, 2005

Training day…

Today Isaiah and I decided to meet Angie in Downtown Los Angeles. We hopped on the train in Norwalk, the Green Line and headed west. We took the Blue Line north towards Los Angeles. We got off at Hope and 7th and luckily and coincidentally met up with Angie upon arriving in downtown. We all headed to Macy’s, and bought some MAC for Angie, cause my baby gots to look good.

We parked our car in a spot that only charged 3 bucks for the whole day and in was a single level parking lot too, the perfect spot. We got the stroller and jumped on the Red Line subway to Union Station. We finished our ride there and walked over to the Gold Line and headed northeast towards Pasadena.

We had some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory but we didn’t have cheesecake, hmmm???. Next we walked around Colorado Blvd in the beautiful 70-degree temperature with a hint of a cool westerly wind. By this time Angie and I were getting tired but Isaiah seemed to have Energizer batteries.

It had been a day full of fun. I like to see Isaiah’s face light up when he sees a train. I like to hear him tell me that he wants to go on the train one more time. I like to see his little look of confusion when he sees something he has never seen before, even more, I like to explain things to him. Children are little sponges that are looking for answers to the world they are learning about.

I hope that Angie and I never stop teaching him new things; or encouraging him find new adventures, even in every day life such as train ride.


Glen said...

Today,I am in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nice to read your blog about your adventures on the rails in Los Angeles. Cindi and I have done that too on the trains between LA and Pasadena, just for the fun of it.

Joshua said...

Hey Danny and Isaiah!!! It's me Joshua Perez. Nice picture guys...I really appreciate your friendship...I'm in Houston, Texas right now...I really miss my family and friends in Southern California...thank you for your friendship and I hope to see you three soon. Say hello to Angie too. It brings joy to my heart to see the family you have made (I've been blessed to be able to see it even before it all began) and to see how happy all three of you are. Well my friend...God bless and take care...till next time. ~Joshua Perez